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How to avoid Valentines Day blues

How to avoid Valentine’s Day blues

Rania Baamrani and Neia Anne Javier Dizon February 27, 2023

Tis the time of heart-boxed chocolates, obscenely large teddy bears, and social media stories filled with young couples in love. Hayfield’s halls are scattered with students confessing their profound...

Successful first 10 games for Freshman Basketball team

Successful first 10 games for Freshman Basketball team

Micah Dargan-Coley, Staff Writer February 7, 2023

The Hayfield Hawks freshman basketball team has been on a 9 win streak coming out of their 10th game 9-1. From blowing out teams to close nail biting games many of the players had similar opinions on how...

Photo of Hayfield Bathrooms taken during the school day.

Do Hayfield bathrooms make students uncomfortable?

Jaslyn Truong and Owen Kashawlic November 21, 2022

“I just do my business and leave,” Freshman Divya Thakuri said, when asked about the Hayfield bathrooms. Ideally, every student should be acting the same: going to the bathroom and leaving after...

Dealing with end of year stress

Dealing with end of year stress

Andrew Banocy April 19, 2022

When the school year looks like it’s been starting to wind down, and it appears as though students are in the clear, the realization of exams and finals hits, and often a strong amount of stress with...

Return of spring sports

Return of spring sports

Andrew Banocy March 24, 2022

It’s that time of the year again. Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and Hayfield’s spring sports teams take to their respective fields and courts in another valiant attempt to win it all for...

Low SEL participation

Low SEL participation

Andrew Banocy March 22, 2022

Before the normal structure of Hayfield Secondary was broken down to accommodate a virtual year, the newly dubbed “advisory” period looked a bit different. Previously known as “SOAR 4”, the universal...

What to expect on International Night

Mina Estrada, Staff Writer March 1, 2022

International Night, also known as I-night, will return to Hayfield on Thursday, March 10 after a two year break. International night is an annual show that Hayfield puts on to recognize and embrace...

Photo via cnet.com

Return to learning

Andrew Banocy February 8, 2022

As we all know, one of the biggest impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic was the hit on education around the world. Schools closed, chat rooms opened, and millions of students, those in FCPS included, spent...

Opinion: What does my dad think about EDM?

Opinion: What does my dad think about EDM?

Julian Kingsley, Staff Writer November 29, 2021

I was around 8 or 9 when I went to my very first concert: A band that I’d ironically come to love later, I only knew Belle and Sebastian as the weird music my parents played, something that could...

Larry Wesley (23) and the rest of Hayfield defense celebrates a forced fumble at the Hayfield vs Falls Church game.

The change in sports districts brings high hopes for future seasons

Brianna Jones, Staff Writer November 18, 2021

Friday light nights burn bright, the cheers of the fans echo across the stadium, the band is playing the school anthem, football players run onto the field… but who is Hayfield playing? It was a shock...

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