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Students line up at a tardy station before 1st period.

We have tardy stations here at Hayfield. But do they work? I don’t think so.

Sabela Seiter, Staff Writer November 28, 2022

It’s 8:02 and you JUST missed the bell. Instead of opening the door for you, your teacher redirects you to a tardy station down the hall. You sigh, frustrated, as you walk to the back of the long line....

Students begin to file into Hayfields cafeteria for lunch.

Free and reduced price lunch policy

Sam Mojica Ojeda, Staff Writer November 21, 2022

Recently, FCPS announced that not everybody would get free lunch this year, only the families who earn less than 130 percent of the poverty level qualify for free meals and those with incomes between 130...

Marching Hawks performing during the Homecoming game.

The Hayfield Marching Hawks deserve more attention

Ro Oberdick, Staff Writer November 17, 2022

It’s Friday, and a mass of cheerleaders, football players, and eager students gather at the football field to watch the game. Halftime comes, and the crowd shrinks. For most people this is an opportunity...

A good handshake goes a long way.

Tips to ace your job interview

Calvin Tankersley, Staff Writer February 23, 2022

Today is the big day. You laid out the perfect outfit last night and made sure to set your alarm to go off an hour before you had to leave. As you anxiously sit and tap on the armrest of your chair, the...

Students in Mrs.Cotto-Santoss sixth period spanish 2 class during break time

Computers in classrooms cause little to no student interaction

Davina Gyamfi, Staff Writer February 1, 2022

The majority of high school students fail to realize that they are addicted to technology. This addiction eventually affects the way students are able to interact with each other. I don’t fully blame...

Vaccination requirements spark controversy with student athletes

Vaccination requirements spark controversy with student athletes

Brianna Jones, Staff Writer December 15, 2021

As the winter sports season starts, more Covid-19 regulations are being put in place to protect student athletes. The most prominent being to provide proof of a Covid-19 vaccine card, unless there is a...

Opinion: What does my dad think about EDM?

Opinion: What does my dad think about EDM?

Julian Kingsley, Staff Writer November 29, 2021

I was around 8 or 9 when I went to my very first concert: A band that I’d ironically come to love later, I only knew Belle and Sebastian as the weird music my parents played, something that could...

Lack of feminine hygiene products causes confusion

Lack of feminine hygiene products causes confusion

Mikayla MacVicar November 18, 2021

Periods are something that nobody can plan for, and when you do it's never the same thing twice. And having it surprisingly at school doesn't make it any easier, especially without easy access to the...

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