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The process of school closures due to winter weather

The process of school closures due to winter weather

Davina Gyamfi February 18, 2022

A  50% chance of bad weather is always a coin toss. To prepare, the Fairfax County Public School system (FCPS) consults the national weather service, Virginia department of transportation (VDOT) and other...

Students in Mrs.Cotto-Santoss sixth period spanish 2 class during break time

Computers in classrooms cause little to no student interaction

Davina Gyamfi, Staff Writer February 1, 2022

The majority of high school students fail to realize that they are addicted to technology. This addiction eventually affects the way students are able to interact with each other. I don’t fully blame...

Students in Mr.Geratys second period class engaging in warm ups

Students now have the option to choose to dress out for PE

Davina Gyamfi, Staff Writer November 29, 2021

Dressing out for PE has been a long time practice for all students in FCPS schools. This year, for the first time ever, high school students now have the option of dressing out for PE. Students have the...

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