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Adviser: Brittany Eckard

Principal: Martin Grimm


Editorial Policy

H2N is a student publication that aims for objectivity in its reporting and encourages student and faculty input. Students choose the content, write the stories, and edit the drafts. The individual viewpoints of staff members in opinion stories are not a reflection of the views of the adviser, editor(s), and staff as a whole. H2N values diverse opinions and perspectives and we strive to protect and encourage the first amendment rights of every individual.

H2N is the official student-produced medium of news and information produced and published by Journalism 1-4 students. It will not be reviewed or retrained by school officials prior to publication or distribution. Advisers may coach and discuss content during the writing process, however, student editors make the final decisions of the content.  Because school officials do not engage in prior review and the content of H2N is determined by the views of the student staff, its student editorial board and responsible staff members assume the complete legal liability for the content of the publication. H2N does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, nationality or on matters relating to sexuality, religion or political affiliation.

H2N provides an open forum for student expression. Journalists are responsible for the promotion of responsible journalism and cannot violate the prohibition on written expression, contained in section C of chapter 1 and regulation 2612 of the Fairfax County guidelines. Materials that are considered illegal, libelous or profane by the Editorial Board will not be printed. H2Newsmagazine is a member of the National Scholastic Press Association, Columbia Scholastic Press Association, and the Virginia High School League.

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