Students now have the option to choose to dress out for PE


Davina Gyamfi

Students in Mr.Geraty’s second period class engaging in warm ups

Dressing out for PE has been a long time practice for all students in FCPS schools. This year, for the first time ever, high school students now have the option of dressing out for PE. Students have the ability to decide whether or not they want to wear PE uniforms or wear their own clothing. 

“Locker rooms will be available for students who choose to change clothes for physical education. In accordance with regulation 3210, it is recommended but not required that students change clothes for physical education. Students should wear clothing/footwear that is comfortable and safe for activity and appropriate for the weather,” from the FCPS Health and Safety Guidance Document. 

This optional dressing out is a new change, and needless to say covid has had an influence on the decision of this change. Under the given circumstances we live in now, FCPS had the health and safety of students and staff in mind. This change was put in place to prevent the locker rooms from being overly crowded, and allowing distance between students to change. 

“I didn’t think dressing out would ever be optional for PE, but I also didn’t think we would ever be in a year ½ long pandemic,” HPE teacher Edward Geraty said. 

With dressing out being optional, it’s a 50/50 split as some students choose to change while others choose not to change for PE. Students who choose to change might wear previous HSS PE uniforms or bring their own athletic attire. Most students who choose to change, do so to cut down on hygiene issues. Freshman Leah Berhanu is one student who chooses to dress out. 

“I have PE second period so I would have to be in my sweaty clothes all day, and I just don’t want my regular everyday clothes all sweaty,” Berhanu said. 

This new change has inhibited the ability of easily identifying students and what class or grade they may be in. With everyone wearing something different for PE, it leaves an open ended field as to who is in what class. 

“I personally would rather us be in uniforms for that reason, safety and security so I know who my students are,” Geraty said. “When we share a school with middle school students and sometimes there can be hundreds of students outside on the turf field or track at the same time I like being able to identify my students.” 

Furthermore, students who choose the option not to change for PE will wear the clothes they showed up to school in. Some students may plan accordingly, and wear clothes they feel comfortable to exercise in without having to change in the locker room. 

“I come in my gym clothes, I’m not really comfortable changing,” freshman Arianna Hernandez Duarte said.

In previous years, students would get a zero in the gradebook for that day of PE, if they didn’t change into the PE uniforms. Now, students are not held accountable for exercising in the school clothes they show up in. 

All in all, this school year has had many changes allowing students to express and choose what is most comfortable for themselves.