Increase in fighting at Hayfield

Marin Blaya, Staff Writer

Hayfield has been a great school, but there has recently been a rise in school fights. It seems like there’s a fight every day- in classrooms, bathrooms, halls, and by buses.  Hayfield needs to take control in the school and stop these fights. Kids should come to school and feel safe. School is supposed to be a safe environment. Kids shouldn’t be scared that they are going to get beat up or hurt when all they are trying to do is go to school, go to class, get a good education, and then go home.

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Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Security does as much as they can, but fights still happen because we do not have enough security to keep all the kids safe. Some things that they could do is get more security for the kids to feel safe and post them up at every bathroom or stair case so that they will be able to feel safe while coming to school. According to certain security members, they have a hard time keeping kids under control. They can give in school suspension or lunch detention or out of school suspension, but sometimes kids don’t learn.  To help address these issues, they have instated a few new rules: now we only get two passes a day, and some bathrooms are closed for closer monitoring. Additionally, they are moving security posts in higher traffic areas of the school. Hopefully these new rules and security cracking down will lead to less fights.