Students need to take better care of the bathrooms at Hayfield


Evan Dunne

A large hole in the Lafayette Hall bathroom.

Evan Dunne, Staff Writer

As a student at Hayfield, I think the school bathrooms are in need of an upgrade or at least need to be monitored a little more. I can’t say anything for the girls bathroom but for the boys bathroom it is an absolute mess. People don’t seem to know how to keep it the slightest bit clean either. It’s as if the bathroom isn’t actually a bathroom anymore.

Just trying to use the bathroom can be an awkward situation when things like food from lunch, milk cartons, water bottles, pencils and other items can be seen stuffed into the toilet or urinals. This can get pretty annoying when it happens in each stall leaving not a single toilet open. The reason I think some students do this is because they are just having too much fun with their friends and get into a sort of haze where all reasonable thinking just disappears. Instead they should have just gotten there excitement out during lunch or waited until after school is over.

Occasionally the bathrooms are used normally, however there are still “incidents” far too often. Recently a sink fell off the wall due to an altercation between two students during the school day. I don’t expect things like this to stop because it is after all high school bathroom. I think the administrators should do something or make some sort of announcement so students stop messing around in the bathrooms. If students keep doing this, the rules concerning the bathrooms will just become more strict which will then lead to the students who aren’t doing anything wrong feeling the effects of the punishment as well. The administrators probably have a lot to do but making a bathroom usable should be up there.