How salad bars can be beneficial for Hayfield

Nabila Haq, Staff Writer

     Over the past few years, there has been some controversy about which foods are healthy and which foods are not. From my personal experience and a lot of studying, I believe that it would be really helpful if salad bars were added to the cafeterias of Hayfield because they offer lots of nutritious and healthy food choices, it would be a great way to transform or upgrade school nutrition, and it would add variety to school lunches.

    Salad bars provide healthy, natural, and organic foods, such as fresh vegetables, fruits, protein, and other nutritious foods. They also increase school nutrition by giving a healthier diet. With a healthier diet, students can perform better academically and athletically. This might give some excitement for students too, knowing that there’s different choices of foods or a larger amount. In addition to this, these bars have great benefit for kids who are still growing and are still at school. Since the food they offer helps develop wellness and better eating habits, it’s good to start eating the food they have at a younger age. But salad bars help everyone at all ages out nonetheless. 

    However, there could still be some arguments contradicting this whole idea. Some people might say they shouldn’t add salad bars to the school lunches because of how much money would be spent, as well as time consumption. Or that the food that salad bars offer isn’t really needed during school. But according to, it’s stated that these foods are important because they conduct healthy eating behaviors so students can find their own way to enjoy it. This can link to how some students at this school seem to not enjoy the current food, or might think it’s unhealthy of any sort. On another website I found called, it says that the food that these bars offer like fruits and vegetables are actually not as costly as people think, if you’re tracking the ingredient production. It also says that schools are able to apply for the bars from Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools, which has been donating all the new equipment to the country for years. So this takes care of both the money and time that’s being used.

    So overall, I believe that salad bars are one of the healthy choices, and that it would be beneficial if they were added to the cafeterias of Hayfield. Salad bars offer various food choices that are all healthy, natural, and organic. Adding this in the cafeterias could be a great way to transform or upgrade school nutrition. I also feel like students at this school should have a little more healthy foods as a part of a good diet and better health, including myself.