Hayfield’s Confessions Page


Chelsea Asante, Staff Writer

Hayfield students have always found a way to express themselves authentically. Whether it was through their clothing choice, their activism, or their interests. A crucial part of self expression is having a platform to share it. And that’s where social media comes in. Hayfield secondary students have found a way to share their thoughts and opinions on the Instagram page called “@real_hayfieldconfessions”

The owner of the Hayfield’s confessions page gave me a look into their personal experience with owning the account.


“What made you start your page?” 

“I originally started it because I was bored and hearing about the drama was fun. Then I realized it’s really hard for teenagers to open up, so this forum gives people a platform to speak and make a connection to similar people.” they responded.” 


“What do you enjoy most about this page?”

“I enjoy the support people give each other here. Yes, there’s tea here and there but most people are there for one another and comment that they’re not alone. It’s not always exciting but it’s nice to give comfort to someone else.” They responded.”


“What’s the hardest thing about managing this account?” 

“FINDING CONTROVERSIES. It’s hard to find what to and what not to post without offending anyone/posting something people should know. So I made a set of policies for myself: no matter WHO it is, if someone wants a post taken down, it is taken down ASAP. names other than the person posting is prohibited. I will listen to other students’ opinions, but I will not argue with them.”


“How long do you plan to run this account?”

“Hopefully for a while. But if not, I’ll get someone else to run it for me. I don’t want this account to fade, But I’m graduating this year so I try to make it interesting while I can.”


The Hayfield’s confessions account has content that ranges from lighthearted comments/details about their day, to heavy topics such as abortion or drugs. They also debate, and include opinions on other students at Hayfield Secondary. This page is welcoming of all opinions and topics, but the owner makes sure all information is shared fairly and as anonymous as possible. While this account is something fun and exciting, the professionalism demonstrated through the content shows that the students of Hayfield can speak on topics executively. 

Note: This page is not an official Hayfield Secondary School account. It is created by students, for students.